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Aston Service Dorset : Transmission

A selection of the most frequently asked for Transmission parts are shown below as they appear in the Parts Book (Part Number 54954), anything that is not there, contact us and we will be happy to advise on stock and availability:

Aston Service Dorset : The Clutch

The clutch is a 9" single dry plate Borg and Beck with carbon ring thrust pad that requires little or no attention until considerable mileage has been covered, replacements are available as detailed below.

Aston Service Dorset : Clutch Cover Assembly   74848



  Cover Assembly

Release Bearing & Spring Assembly

Retaining Spring

Driven Plate Assembly

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Aston Service Dorset : Gearbox

The David Brown four-speed synchromesh gearbox is mounted integrally with the clutch housing and is supported at the rear rubber mounting.

One of the following four boxes may be fitted and they are distinguished by the following four letter codes:

DBRC - Close Ratio (Steering column change - DB2 Only)

DBRW - Wide Ratio (Steering column change - DB2 Only)

DBCC - Close Ratio (Centre change)

DBCW - Wide Ratio (Centre change)

There are a few replacement parts available and the more frequently asked for ones are below:

Aston Service Dorset : Bearing Ball Hoffman   119022   Bearing, Ball, Rear
Aston Service Dorset : Gearbox Oil Seals   55963


  OIl Seal Rear

Oil Seal Front, Early Type

Oil Seal Front, Later Type
Aston Service Dorset : Gear Lever Retaining Plate Bolt and Spring   56002

  Gear Lever Retaining Screw

Gear Lever Retaining Plate Spring
Aston Service Dorset : Gear Knob   56004   Gear Knob with 5/16" BSF thread to fit original gear shaft
Aston Service Dorset : Splined Locking Washers   55956

  Washer, Locking, Splined

Washer, Lock, Splined, 2nd Speed Gear

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Aston Service Dorset : Propellar Shaft

Power is transmitted to the rear axle through an open type Hardy Spicer shaft with both propeller shaft universal couplings being needle roller types.

The DB2 & DB2/4 MkI was fitted with a 3HA Lightweight Salisbury axle and the DB2/4 MkII had a 4HA heavyweight version.

Parts availability for the 3HA is poor due to only being used on the early cars as it proved to be inadequate and was replaced with the stronger 4HA axle.

Availability of parts for the 4HA is good and it is possible to convert an early car which currently has a 3HA axle to accept a 4HA, contact us for further details and prices.

The following is a selection of replacement parts that are available for the 4HA Axle.

Aston Service Dorset : Axle Shaft   20-26-743




  Axle Shaft

Bearing, Taper Roller

Seal, Oil, Axle Shaft

Bearing, Axle Shaft
Aston Service Dorset : Nut and Key Axle Shaft   56858


  Nut, Axle Shaft

Key, Axle Shaft

Split Pin 5/32"

Aston Service Dorset : Rear Hub and Studs   78205



  Hub Assembly, Rear (Nearside)

Hub Assembly, Rear (Offside)

Stud, Brake Drum

Nut, Self Locking
Aston Service Dorset : Gasket Gear Carrier and Oil Seal   55133

  Gasket, Gear Carrier Cover

Seal, Oil, Pinion Bearing
Aston Service Dorset : Differential Case Crown Wheel and Pinion Assembly   20-26-789


  Case Assembly, Differential

Crown Wheel and Pinion Assembly 3.77:1 ratio

Screw, Set, Wheel to Differential Case

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Aston Service Dorset: Remote Gear Mechanism

The steering column gear change was fitted to early DB2's and whilst many cars have been converted to a normal stick shift, a few remain.

Below is a selection of original parts that we have in stock for the Remote Gear Mechanism.

Aston Service Dorset : Lever Control Shaft   55182


  Lever, Selector, Short, Control Shaft

Lever, Gear Change, Control Shaft

Lever, Selector, Long
Aston Service Dorset : Ball Joint BSF   55211

  Bush, Bottom Bracket

Ball Joint, 3/8" BSF
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