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      Aston Service Dorset : Aston Martin DB2 + DB2/4 MkI - MkII  
    Electrical + Instruments

  Instruments (Plate AA)
  Engine Electrical (Plate F)
  Electrical Units (Plate Y)


  Fuel, Cooling + Exhausts


  Suspension + Steering

  Brakes + Pedal Gear

  Chassis, Frame, Body, etc.
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Aston Service Dorset: Electrical

Below are a selection of the parts that we can supply, for anything you can't find though please contact us and ask:

Aston Service Dorset: Dashboard

Aston Service Dorset : Speedo Cable   20-38-121
  Speedometer Cable RHD & LHD
Aston Service Dorset : Overdrive Speedometer Cable   24-38-121   Overdrive Speedometer Cable
Aston Service Dorset : Rev Cable RHD   20-28-124   Rev Counter Cable for RHD Cars
Aston Service Dorset : Rev Cable LHD   20-38-141   Rev Counter Cable for LHD Cars
Aston Service Dorset : Petro Flex Hose   20-38-140

  Petro-Flex Oil Pressure Gauge Hose

Pipe Assembly Oil Pressure Gauge for RHD Cars
Aston Service Dorset : Overdrive and Ignition Switches   20-37-132


  Spare Switch

Ignition and Starter Switch

Bezel for Ignition and Starter Switch

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Aston Service Dorset: Electrical Plate AE

Aston Service Dorset : Distributor Cap   20-07-704
  Distributor Cap Assembly
Aston Service Dorset : Distributor Parts   20-07-701



  Rotor Arm


Contact Breaker Set

Distributor Sealing Ring
Aston Service Dorset : Spark Plug Shroud   20-07-135   Spark Plug Shroud
Aston Service Dorset : Dynamo Pulley   20-09-112   Dynamo Pulley for Cars up to 417

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Aston Service Dorset: Electrical Plate AF

Aston Service Dorset : Front and Rear Flasher Units   20-37-115



  Flasher Lamp, Amber (Not USA)

Flasher Lamp, Clear (USA Only)

Stop/Tail Flasher Unit (Not USA)

Red Lens for Stop/Tail Flasher Unit (USA Only)
Aston Service Dorset : Stop Light Switch   20-37-151


  Stop Light Switch

Number Plate, Illuminating and Reverse Lamp

Interior Light
Aston Service Dorset : Master Switch   20-37-112


  Master Switch

Control Box Regulator

Horn Relay
Aston Service Dorset : Solenoid Switch   20-37-103



  Solenoid Switch

Rubber Terminal Boot

Flasher Unit
Aston Service Dorset : Le Mans Head Lamp   20-39-113   'Le Mans' Lucas Head Lamp Unit
Aston Service Dorset : Chrome Inner Headlamp Rims   90470   Inner Headlamp Rim for the DB4

Made from polished brass and then chromed
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