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    Fuel, Cooling + Exhausts

  Fuel System (Plate V)
  Cooling System (Plate W)
  Exhaust System (Plate X)
  Heater (Plate AB)



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  Brakes + Pedal Gear

  Electrical + Instruments

  Chassis, Frame, Body, etc.
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Aston Service Dorset : Aston Martin DB2 + DB2/4 MkI - MkII

Aston Service Dorset : Fuel System

The fuel, from the 86.4ltr petrol tank at the rear, is supplied to the twin carburettors by dual, electrically operated pumps that are mounted on a bracket on the underside of the frame, just forward of the rear axle on the off side.

The fuel pumps are electric solenoid type which work independently but deliver the fuel into a common chamber. Failure of one pump does not normally affect the operating of the other.

For any parts that you do not see below, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Aston Service Dorset : Indicator Unit   20-34-102



  Indicator Unit

Joint Indicator Unit

Joint Fuel Reserve Unit

Shield Fuel Pump
Aston Service Dorset : Fuel Pump   22-34-105   New SU Fuel Pump

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Aston Service Dorset : Radiator and Fittings

The following items are available, anything not shown please contact us and ask:

Aston Service Dorset : Cooling Hoses   20-32-126


  Header Tank to Filler Pipe Hose

Elbow Hose - Radiator to Elbow Pipe

Hose - Thermostat Elbow to Radiator
Aston Service Dorset : Cooling Hoses 2   20-32-125


  Hose - Filler Pipe to Elbow Pipe

Elbow Hose - Water Valve Pipe to Heater

Hose - Elbow Pipe to Water Pump Inlet
Aston Service Dorset : Mounting Rubbers   20-32-114


  Mounting Rubber - Side

Mounting Rubber - Bottom

Cap Header Tank
Aston Service Dorset : Heater Pipes   20-32-128



  Thermostat Housing to Water Pipe

Water Valve to Heater Pipe

Heater to Thermostat Housing Pipe

By-Pass Pipe

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Aston Service Dorset : The Exhaust System

All associated brackets, hangers and other exhaust parts available are shown below, full replacement stainless and mild steel exhaust systems are available, made to order, please contact us for further details and current price.

Aston Service Dorset : Rubber Slings   20-35-127




  Rubber Sling - Exhaust pipe

Insulator For Exhaust Pipe Sling

Tie Plate

Rubber Sling - Silencer
Aston Service Dorset : Rubber Exhaust Sling   20-35-127   Rubber Sling

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Aston Service Dorset: Heater

The hosing that is available is below and can be cut to fit which ever part required, please contact us for further details.

Aston Service Dorset : Rubber Slings   30-26-050



  Flexible Air Hose 4"

Flexible Air Hose 3 1/4"

Flexible Air Hose 1 1/4"
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