Fuel, Cooling + Exhausts20
Suspension + Steering16
Electrical + Instruments8
Chassies, Frame, Body, Etc.13

About this model

Aston Martin DB2/4 MkIIIs were produced from March 1957 to July 1959, remaining in production for about nine months after the DB4 had been introduced. The chassis numbers ran consecutively from AM300/3A/1300 to AM300/3/1850.

A total of 552 were made with 84 of those being Drophead Coupes and, near the end of the run, 5 Fixedhead Coupes with DBD engines.

The DBD engine was introduced at the 1958 London Motor Show, it was similar to the DBB but with three SU HV6 semi-downdraught carburettors, a quoted output of 180 bhp.

The MkIII was nearly 9in longer than the DB2 and weighed about 159kg more, an increase of about 15%, but more than an extra 50% power was available from the standard DBA, compared with the original LB6B.

Parts Availability

A lot of the parts for the DB2/4 MkIII are common to the early cars as well and there are just too many individual parts to list all those that are available, if you can not find what you are after from the categories on the left, then please contact us and we shall be pleased to quote price and availability.

Bearing in mind the age of these cars and the small numbers manufactured, the availability of parts is generally very good.

We concentrate our efforts on wearing parts for which there is a known and quantifiable demand, but additionally with the help of reconditioning and used parts, our aim is to offer as complete a parts service as is economically viable.

Technical Publications

For all Parts Catalogues, Workshop Manuals and Instruction Books please follow the link to the technical publications page.


90222   Parts Catalogue
90222   Parts Catalogue
90222   Parts Catalogue

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