Aston Service Dorset : DB3S
        Aston Service Dorset : DB3S  
        The Aston Martin DB3S was produced from May 1953 to December 1956.

The chassis numbers ran from DB3S/101 to DB3S/120 for the Production Cars and DB3S/1 to DB3S/11 for the Works Cars.

The success of the Works cars gave the type a good start when it was introduced for sale at the London Motor Show in October 1954.

The specification, which was basically the same as the Team Cars, included the VB6K engine with a compression ratio of 8.68:1. single plug cast iron head and three Weber 40 DCO carbruettors gave an output of 182 bhp at 5,500 rpm.

Aston Service Dorset: Parts Availability

Due to the number of cars produced there are very few spare parts available which are specific to the DB3S.

For the production DB3S, many of the engine parts are the same as the DB2/4 MkI, occasionally we will release some of the spares we have for our own cars and these will be highlighted on the Parts Bulletin page, for anything else please contact us for further details.

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