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    For all Parts Catalogues, Workshop Manuals and Instruction Books please follow the link to the technical publications page, those available for these cars are below:

Aston Service Dorset : Technical Publications

The following technical manuals are available for the DBS and AM Vantage:

Aston Service Dorset : DBS Catalogue   69-43-105


  Parts Catalogue

Workshop Manual

Owners Handbook

Aston Service Dorset: DBS

The Aston Martin DBS was produced at Newport Pagnell from October 1967 to May 1972 and it's chassis numbers ran from DBS/5001/R to DBS/5829/RC.

Due to slight modifications a Series 2 technically started from chassis number 5557, these modifications included deepened panels under the nose and tail which improved aerodynamic lift and removal of the wooden dashboard.

Aston Service Dorset: AM Vantage

Aston Martin produced the AM Vantage from May 1972 to July 1973 with chassis numbers running from AM/6001?RA to AM/6070/R.

Only 70 cars were made and the AM Vantage was the first model to be released by Company Developments Ltd having taken over the factory from David Brown Corporation in April 1972.

The AM Vantage's significant differences were the redesigned front with two headlights rather than the four on the DBS.

Aston Service Dorset: Parts Availability

The majority of the parts for the DBS and AM Vantage are sourced directly from Aston Martin Lagonda Limited and the availability is exceptionally good.

We are able to supply all parts which are available from the Aston Martin Parts Operation and most parts immediately from our own stock.

There are a number of parts that we always have in stock and a number as new old stock and some are listed below, please contact us
for any further details.

Aston Service Dorset: DBS Engine Parts

Aston Service Dorset : Expansion Tank and Pulleys   69-05-117



  Fan Pulley - Twin Drive Belt

Fan Pulley - Early Single Belt Drive

Bump Stop Bracket Assembly

Expansion Tank
Aston Service Dorset : Alternator Mounting Bracket   69-09-107


  Alternator Mounting Bracket up to Chassis No. 5209

Alternator Mounting Bracket from Chassis No. 5210 onwards
Aston Service Dorset : Engine Bearer Bracket   69-10-004


  Engine Bearer Bracket LH

Engine Bearer Bracket RH

Spacer Bracket
Aston Service Dorset : Cradle Assembly   68-26-015   Cradle Assembly
Aston Service Dorset : Shock Absorber Bracket and Metalastick Mounting   68-26-170

  Shock Absorber Bracket

Metalastick Mounting
Aston Service Dorset : Universal Joint for Drive Shaft   68-26-735   Universal joint for Drive Shaft
Aston Service Dorset : Rear Engine mounting Brackets   70-10-001   Rear Engine Mounting Brackets Automatic

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Aston Service Dorset: DBS Body Panels

Aston Service Dorset : Early Front End Panel   69-96-048

  Early Front End Panel (incomplete)
Aston Service Dorset : Right Hand Front Wing   69-96-023

  Right Hand Front Wing

Aston Service Dorset : Complete Front End Panel   69-96-048
  Complete Front End Panel

Aston Service Dorset : Left hand Front Wing   69-96-024

  Left Hand Front Wing

Aston Service Dorset : Door Skin Left Hand   69-65-166

  Door Skin (Left Hand)

Aston Service Dorset : Rear Panel   69-96-080
  Rear Panel

Aston Service Dorset : Under Panel Right and Left Hand   69-88-018

  Under Panel Right Hand

Undre Panel Left Hand

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Aston Service Dorset: DBS Electrical Parts

Aston Service Dorset : Main Head Lamp and Amber Lens   69-37-763


  Main Head Lamp UK

Amber Lens Left hand

Aston Service Dorset : Wiring Loom   69-37-011


  Engine Bay Inside Loom

Right Hand Front Parking and Flasher Lamp

Aston Service Dorset : Head Lamp Left   69-50-146

  Main Head Lamp Unit Left Hand

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Aston Service Dorset: DBS Air Con

Aston Service Dorset : Lucas Wiper Arm and Blade   69-37-027


  Lucas Wiper Arm Left Hand Drive

Wiper Blades
Aston Service Dorset : Carpet Set   69-83-649

  Carpet Set RHD (Complete)

(Sandringham Beige?)

Aston Service Dorset : Fuel Cap and Heel Board   69-83-716


  Carpet Heel Board

Fuel Cap

Aston Service Dorset : Bonnet Hinge   69-64-023



  Bonnet Hinge Left Hand

Bonnet Hinge Right Hand

Bonnet Latch

Non-Locking Door Handles
Aston Service Dorset : Boot Hinge and Underpanel   69-88-007



  Underpanel Centre

Boot Lid Hinge Right Hand

Boot Lid Hinge Left Hand
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