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    For all Parts Catalogues, Workshop Manuals and Instruction Books please follow the link to the technical publications page, those available for these cars are below:

Aston Service Dorset : Technical Publications

The following technical manuals are available for the DBSV8, AMV8 and V8 Lagonda:

Aston Service Dorset : DBS V8 Catalogue   80-43-105



  DBS V8 Parts Catalogue

DBS V8 Workshop Manual

Owners Handbook 2 Headlamp

Owners Handbook 4 Headlamp

Aston Service Dorset : AM V8 Catalogue   43-26290



  AM V8 Parts Catalogue

AM V8 Workshop Manual V8 Fuel Injection

Workshop Manual V8 Carburettor

Owners Handbook V8 580X & EFI

Aston Service Dorset : Lagonda Catalogue   43-26291

  V8 Lagonda Parts Catalogue

V8 Lagonda Owner Handbook

Aston Service Dorset: DBSV8

Aston Martin produced the DBS V8 from April 1970 to May 1972 and the chassis numbers ran from DBSV8/10001/R to DBSV8/10405/RCA.

The DBSV8 was capable of over 150mph and had new 15" light alloy bolt on wheels and Girling ventilated discs.

Aston Service Dorset: AMV8

The AMV8 was changed extensively between 1972 and 1988 but for simplicity can be grouped in four variations.

Aston Service Dorset: AMV8 Bosch

The AMV8 (Bosch Fuel Injection) was produced from April 1972 to July 1973 with chassis numbers running from V8/10501/RCA to V8/10789/LCA.

This was the first car produced after the David Brown era and hence lost the DB status, though the first 19 cars retained the 'David Brown Aston Martin' bonnet badge.

A total of 288 cars were made all retaining the mechanical Bosch fuel injection system.

Aston Service Dorset: AMV8 Weber

The AMV8 (Weber Carburettors) version was produced from August 1973 to September 1978 with chassis numbers running from V8/11002/RCA to V8/12031/RCAS.

Significantly the Bosch Fuel Injection was replaced by four twin-choke downdraught Weber carburettors, this required a deeper bonnet bulge.

A total of 969 cars were made despite production stopping between December 1974 and Spring 1976 whilst the company was in receivership.

Aston Service Dorset: Oscar India

The 'Oscar India' was produced from Oct 1978 to January 1986 with chassis number running from V8SOR 12032 to V8SOR 12499.

The bonnet scoop was replaced with a smooth hump over the Weber carburettors and built in aerodynamic spoiler was built into the boot lid.

There were 291 of these cars made.

Aston Service Dorset: Oscar India EFI

The Electronic Fuel Injection 'Oscar India' was produced from January 1986 to October 1989 with chassis numbers running from V8SCR 12500 to V8VKR 12701.

Only 59 of these cars were made, the almost flat bonnet identifies this model which was due to the new electronically controlled Weber fuel injection system.

Aston Service Dorset: Other Variations

During the production of the AMV8 there were a number of Vantage, Volante and USA Cosmetic Variations, including a Prince of Wales version with extra body styling and a Zagato Vantage/Volante.

These cars made up a total of 1308.

Aston Service Dorset: Lagonda V8

The V8 Lagonda was produced from August 1974 to the end of 1989, a total of 645 were built with 30% going to the Middle East and 25% each to UK and USA.

Essentially there were four series of the V8 Lagonda which started with David Brown's four door DBSV8 variant and finished with William Towns's rounded off series four car.

Aston Service Dorset: Parts Availability

The majority of the parts for the DBSV8, AMV8 and V8 Lagonda are sourced directly from Aston Martin Lagonda Limited and the availability is exceptionally good.

We are able to supply all parts which are available from the Aston Martin Parts Operation and most parts immediately from our own stock.

There are a number of parts that we have as new old stock and they are listed below, please contact us
for any further details.

Aston Service Dorset: DBSV8 Parts

Aston Service Dorset : Universal Joint Drive Shaft   68-26-735

  Universal Joint Drive Shaft

Aston Service Dorset : Exhaust Clamps   80-35-135

  'U' Bolt and Clip 2 1/4" Carb Cars
12 required (6 on European Cars)

'U' Bolt and Clip 2 1/4" for Swiss EFI Cars up to 1988 (6 required)
Aston Service Dorset: Intermediate Exhaust   80-35-110


  Intermediate Exhaust Pipe RH

Intermediate Exhaust Pipe LH

Flex Pipe
Aston Service Dorset : Water Hose   80-32-108


  Hose, Header Tank to Radiator

Hose, Top Header Tank to Brass Pipe

Hose, Top Brass Pipe to Radiator
Aston Service Dorset : Oil Pump Sprocket   80-03-115

  Intermediate Sprocket

Oil Pump Sprocket

Aston Service Dorset : Bosch Fuel Filter   80-34-102

  Bosch Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter Element

Aston Service Dorset : Half Panel Left Hand   92-96-004
  Front End Half Panel Assembly Left Hand

Aston Service Dorset : OIl Pressure Relief Valve   92-96-006

  Front Quarter Panel Left Hand

Aston Service Dorset : Front End Panel   69-96-041
  Front End Panel Minus the Upper Panel

New/Old Stock
Aston Service Dorset : Door Panel   69-65-156
  Door Panel - Left Hand

Aston Service Dorset : Exhaist manifold   80-08-004

  Front Exhaust Manifold RH

Rear Exhaust Manifold RH
Aston Service Dorset : Air Box   80-08-039

  Air Box

Aston Service Dorset : Pistons   80-02-002

  Piston Assembly (4 only, new/old stock)

Aston Service Dorset : High Pressure Hoses   80-01-141


  Hose - High Pressure

Hose - High Pressure Emission Control

Aston Service Dorset : Heater lever   69-89-560

  Heater Lever Control Mechanism

Hot Air Outlet Valve Assembly RH

Aston Service Dorset : AC Delco Compressor   80-50-105
  Compressor - AC Delco

Aston Service Dorset : Lower fan cowl   80-32-102


  Fan Cowl Lower

Air Duct - Front Brake - RH

Air Duct - Front Brake - LH
Aston Service Dorset : Pulley   80-50-187



Aston Service Dorset : Condenser   80-50-137

Aston Service Dorset : Glove Box Lid   80-98-064
  Glove Box Lid
Aston Service Dorset : Air Vent   80-89-031

  Face Level Vent - Centre for Cool Air MkI System

Aston Service Dorset : DBS V8 Badge   80-78-001
  Aston Martin DBS V8 - Badge

Original New/Old Stock

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Aston Service Dorset: AMV8 Parts

Aston Service Dorset : Undervalance   92-88-007
  Undervalance Center Rear

Aston Service Dorset : Fuel Cap Filler   92-68-010


  Fuel Filler Cap

Overrider ???

Aston Service Dorset : Air and Oil Filter   95-01-110

  Oil Filter Assembly

Air Filter Element

Aston Service Dorset : Thermostat and Divertor Valve   95-03-103


  Thermostat 82C

Thermostat 74C

Diverter Valve

Aston Service Dorset : Carb Gaskets   95-08-105


  Gasket Inter Flange

Gasket Carb Inter Man

Aston Service Dorset : Lower Wishbone Assembly   95-23-002


  Lower Wishbone Assembly

Crownwheel and Pinion 3.54:1 Service Gear Assembly

Aston Service Dorset : Engine Mountings   95-23-122



  Rebound Rubber

Engine Mounting Rubber Rear

Mounting Brake Reaction Strut

Front Shocker Thin Bush
Aston Service Dorset : Bottom Gasket Set   95-43-008
  Conversion Bottom Gasket Kit

Aston Service Dorset : Decoke Top Gasket Set   95-43-007

  Decoke Top Gasket Set - Carb Cars

Aston Service Dorset : Instruments   95-38-115



  Fuel Gauge

Water Temperature Gauge

Oil Temperature Gauge - Early Cars

Clock - Early Cars
Aston Service Dorset : Wing Mirror Motor   95-37-711



  Wing Mirror Motor

Speedo Cable Manual 48"

Rear View Mirror (up to mid (1987)
Aston Service Dorset : Stop Lamp   95-37-170

  Lamp, Stop/Tail/Reflector/Reverse Right Hand Side

Lamp, Stop/Tail/Reflector/Reverse Left Hand Side
Aston Service Dorset : Fog lights   92-50-703


  Lens Reflector Unit

Side/Reverse Lights

Fog Lights - Rear Guard (Early Cars)
Aston Service Dorset : Rear Caliper   95-28-002

  Rear Caliper LH Side

Rear Caliper RH Side

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Aston Service Dorset: V8 Lagonda Parts

Aston Service Dorset : Ventilated Discs   23-10663
  Ventilated Front Discs

Aston Service Dorset : Koni Shocks   26-54421
  Rear Koni Shock Absorbers
Aston Service Dorset : Speedo Transducer and oil Sender   38-14037

  Oil Sender

Speedo Transducer
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