All parts catalogues, workshop manuals and instruction books available for these cars are below:


The following technical manuals are available for the Virage, Vantage and Coupe:

43-56461 Parts Catalogue V8 Coupe

95-40-102 V8 Instruction Book

43-56606 V8 Family Technical Guide

43-55455 Parts Catalogue Virage

43-74458 Parts Catalogue Virage Vantage

43-56465 Workshop Manual Virage Family Technical Guide

40-55731 Owners Handbook Virage - No ABS


The Aston Martin Virage was produced from October 1988 to 1995 with chassis numbers running from AMSLR 50000 to 500426.

The car was three years in development with a revised 5.4 litre all-alloy V8 engine fitted. This had four valves per cylinder to aid breathing and overcome the power problems associated with fitting catalytic converters.

The outcome was a car that met worldwide restrictions and was suitable for sale in all countries. Described in April 1990's issue of Sports Car International as, ‘truly a supercar and distinctively British’.


The Vantage was produced from April 1995 to June 1999 with chassis numbers running from AM1R 70091 to AM1R 70240.

Power was increased from 330 bhp to 550 bhp by the use of two Eaton superchargers, transmitted via a 6 speed ZF gearbox.

This ensured its reputation as an unsubtle 'muscle car' and that was before they offered the V600 upgrade option, producing 600 bhp and costing an additional £43,732, making the total price of £233,682 in October 2000.


The Coupe was made from March 1996 to December 1999 with chassis numbers running from 79001 to 79101, a total of 101 cars were made.

It was marketed as the successor to the Virage but with an external appearance that more resembled the Vantage though without the haunched rear end and with the addition of a new mesh front grill.

The car was often described as a 'Vantage without attitude' and benefited from a much smoother ride.


The Le Mans version of the Vantage was produced to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of the DBR1's victory at Le Mans. Only 40 cars were produced with both 550 bhp and 600 bhp engines offered.

They were made from December 1999 to October 2000 and were given chassis numbers 70229 and 70241 to 70279.

The reshaped side vents were modelled on those of the DBR1 as were the lookalike pressure fuel caps.


There were three versions of the Volante produced, based on the Virage, Coupe and Vantage cars.


The Volante was produced from October 1992 to 1995 with chassis numbers starting at AM1CNR 60001 and 224 being made.

Based principally on the Virage, this version was offered with a 5.3 litre or 6.3 litre engine which included flared wheel arches to accommodate the larger wheels.

Long Wheelbase Volante

This version was produced from 1997 to 2000 with chassis numbers starting at 89001 and 63 being made.

This version was based on the Coupe and Vantage models but with an extra 8 inches added to the rear passenger space and an extra 2 inches in width.

Vantage Volante Special Edition 2000

There were 8 of these special edition cars made in 2000, based on the Vantage wheelbase. Most had the V600 engine upgrade.

All were individually specified that they required their own handbooks. One even had Vantage Le Mans body panels.


The majority of the parts for the Virage and Vantage are sourced directly from Aston Martin Lagonda Limited and the availability is exceptionally good.

We are able to supply all parts which are available from the Aston Martin Parts Operation and most parts immediately from our own stock.

There are a number of parts that we always have in stock and a number as new, old stock. Some are listed below, please contact us for any further details.


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