DB2 + DB2/4 MKI & MKII

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The following technical manuals are available for the DB2 and DB2/4 MkI/II:

54954 Parts Catalogue

90151 Workshop Manual

52225 Owners Handbook


Aston Martin DB2s were produced from May 1950 to April 1953. The chassis numbers ran from LMA/49/1 to LML/50/406 and LML/50/X1 to X5.

‘It would appear that every so often the gods pass over some works or another and, with an inclination of the head, inspire the production of a car having outstanding virtues’

Laurence Pomeroy (The Motor - 18th October 1950)

A total of 410 cars were made with 98 being drophead coupes and 5 rolling chassis (69/97/173/257 and 323) that were sold to be fitted with special bodies by other coachbuilders.


Aston Martin DB2/4 MkIs were in production from April 1953 to October 1955. The chassis numbers ran from LML/501 to LML/1065.

The DB2 had been well received and sold throughout the world, but the market in this price range for a car with two seats (and limited luggage space) was restricted. A 1952 DB2 chassis (LML/50/221) was modified in a number of ways. The roofline was changed to give more headroom towards the back and the small rear window was replaced by a larger window in an opening panel, forming the first sporting hatchback.

‘The load carrying space would carry two unconscious basketball players and the open hatch is wide enough for a polar bear to walk through without removing his hat’

'Uncle Tom' McCahill (Mechanix Illustrated - March 1955)

A total of 562 cars were made with at least 102 being drophead coupes (56 to the home market and 46 for export) and 12 were sold as chassis only, including 8 to be fitted with Bertone bodies, one by Vignale (LML/802) and one by Allemano (LML/761).


Aston Martin DB2/4 MkIIswere in production from October 1955 to August 1957. The chassis numbers ran from AM300/1101 to AM300/1299.

Wishing to bring production back into his direct control, David Brown had bought Tickford, at Newport Pagnell, in 1954 and the bodywork for the Mark II was the first Aston Martin to be made there.

Only a comparatively small number of Mark IIs were made, 199 in total with at least 16 drophead coupes and 34 fixed head coupes.


There are just too many individual parts to list all those that are available. If you cannot find what you are after from the categories listed, then please contact us and we shall be pleased to quote price and availability.

Bearing in mind the age of these cars and the small numbers manufactured, the availability of parts is generally very good.

We concentrate our efforts on wearing parts for which there is a known and quantifiable demand, but additionally with the help of reconditioning and used parts, our aim is to offer as complete a parts service as is economically viable.


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