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All parts catalogues, workshop manuals and instruction books available for these cars are below:


The following technical manuals are available for the DB5 and DB6:

48-43-132 DB5 Parts Catalogue

48-43-130 DB5 Workshop Manual

48-40-131 DB5 Owners Handbook

55-43-105 DB6 Parts Catalogue

73-43-130 DB6 Workshop Manual

55-40-131 Owners Handbook DB6 MkI

73-40-131 Owners Handbook DB6 MkII & Volante


Aston Martin DB5s were produced from July 1963 to September 1965. The chassis numbers ran from DB5C/1251/R to DB5/2275/L with the exception of 2021, 2094, 2124 and 2125.

The DB5 achieved fame appearing as James Bond's car in 'Goldfinger' (1964) and subsequently 'Thunderball' (1965).

A total of 1021 DB5s were made with 123 of those being convertibles and 12 shooting brakes.


Aston Martin DB6s were produced from October 1965 to July 1969. The chassis numbers ran from DB6/2351/R to DB6/3599/LC and DB6/4001/R to DB6/4081 with the exception of 4039 and 4061.

The most significant difference between the DB5 and DB6 was the introduction of the flat rear end with a spoiler which reduced drag.

A total of 1327 DB6s were made, this does not include the Volante. Eight of these were converted by Harold Radford and FLM Panelcraft (6 & 2 respectively) into shooting brakes.


Aston Martin DB6 MkIIs were produced from July 1969 to November 1970. The chassis numbers ran from DB6Mk2/4101/R to DB6Mk2/4345/R.

The MkII is most easily identified by the slight flair over the wheel arches. This was done to accommodate the wider wire wheels on 6" rims, borrowed from the DBS.

A total of 248 MkIIs were made, again not including the Volante.


The term 'Volante' was introduced by Kent Monk for all convertibles from the DB6 onwards. There were three variants of the DB6 Volante.

Short Chassis

The Short Chassis Volante was produced from October 1965 to October 1966 and the chassis numbers ran from DBVC/2301/LN to DBVC/2337/R. Only 37 short chassis cars were made, based around the last of the DB5 chassis except with DB6 front panels.

Mark One

The Mark 1 was produced from October 1966 to July 1969 and the chassis numbers ran from DBVC/3600/R to DBVC/3739/R. There were 140 cars made, 29 of these had the Vantage Engine fitted.

Mark Two

The Mark 2 was produced from July 1969 to November 1970 and the chassis numbers ran from DB6Mk2VC/3751/R to DB6Mk2VC/3788/L. Only 38 cars were made with 9 of those fitted with the Vantage engine.


The majority of the parts for the DB5 and DB6 are sourced directly from Aston Martin Lagonda Limited and the availability is exceptionally good.

We are able to supply all parts which are available from the Aston Martin Parts Operation and most parts immediately from our own stock.

There are a number of parts that we have as new, old stock and some are listed below, please contact us for any further details.


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